Friends, fans, freaks and fuck-heads,

After a decade of silence, Mantic Ritual has assembled once again and is currently in the process of recording a second full length album. We know fans are eager for new material and there are plans for both a 7in single and digital EP in addition to that big, fat LP. We’re pumped for this. 

The new material is hard and heavy, and according to tempo mapping, faster than ever. It’s a bit more diverse, too. But there’s not a lick of clean guitar, so don’t worry.

This will all roll out slowly, because it always does, but know these new releases are a promise. For now, kick back, cool out, have a drink, look out for constant updates and buy some merch.

Be good to one another. We’ll see ya soon,

-mantic boys

Mantic Ritual is

Dan Wetmore, guitar/vox

Jeff Potts, guitar

Ben Mottsman, bass

Carlos Cruz, drums